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  • Adaptive Therapeutic Outdoor Recreational Activities
  • Hunger Prevention for At Risk Veterans and their families
  • Back to Work Assistance through education, communication & networking opportunities

The Warrior Initiative is a not for profit charity dedicated to serving those that bear the scars of our Nation's Freedom. TWI is operated by Veterans with extensive combat experience. These Veterans continue to serve their Brothers & Sisters that have been wounded or disabled.


Our Mission

"In a "Nutshell", my experience w/ The Warrior Initiative was top notch! The organization of the hunt, the quality of the people that have been brought in & opportunity provided, and the purity of their intentions were impeccable! The organizers are the kind of metal that I know will keep doing that. Because that's where their training and moral compass points. Mission Accomplished!


Kary Varnell,

Veteran. U.S. Army

Veterans serving Veterans

We are proud to provide a variety of services to America's True Heroes. The list below details services available to any Veteran that has been wounded in combat and/or has a VA rating of 30% or greater.

Our Mission is to  bring awareness to and subsequently reduce the epidemic of suicide in the Veteran community. We proudly serve wounded and disabled Warriors by building their independence, confidence and dignity through outdoor recreational activities, homelessness prevention and back to work initiatives..

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