STEP TWO - Like Us on Facebook

STEP THREE - Request Attendance to an Event

If you have any questions, please contact us via the Contact Us page or call (606) 356-6252

Alumni Members proceed to step Two. If you are not an alumni member, please do the following:
    1.  Email us a copy of your DD214 and a copy of your VA compensation disability rating to
    2.  Please include full contact information including email address, mailing address, phone number, etc.
    3.  List any physical or mental limitations that may need accommodating -  wheelchair, amputee, associative disorder, walks with a cane, tremors, etc.
    4.  A face to face meeting is required If you are interested in any event that includes firearms. We do this with an informal meeting over lunch or dinner. TWI will review your documents and determine if participation is appropriate.

You will receive a confirmation email within one week confirming you have been enrolled.

Now that you are an Alumni member, its time to schedule attendance to an event:
    1.  Comment under the event with the words "Enter Me" to request attendance on a Facebook Event. Attendees are selected via Lottery. Lottery results will be posted on each event page. 
   2.  We reserve the right to choose the participants of each event if necessary.
   3.  Event schedule, timeline, etc will be posted on the event page approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. If necessary, we may contact you to coordinate for the event.

   4.  Once you are scheduled it will show  as a comment under the event

*****Alumni members that volunteer may receive an one time event waiver for an event. An event waiver allows you to bypass the lottery process and attend an event of your choice. ****


Like us on Facebook. We use Facebook because it is a much more cost efficient way to keep our Alumni and sponsors up to date. Click the button above to visit The Warrior Initiative Facebook Page.

STEP ONE - Enroll as an Alumni