A semi-colon is almost like a thought.  A semi-colon is a reconsideration of the cessation of a sentence, or in this case, possibly a Veteran's life. IGY6 stands for I Got Your Six or "I've got your Back".  The color blue is for Mental Illness awareness, Black is for the heavy hearts from loss that many of us carry.  The color red is a symbol of physical injuries sustained and for the blood that has been shed. Let's Help these Heroes Heal.

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Make a Monetary Donation Via Mail  

No Forms to fill out. Simply include a note indicating if you would like a donation receipt for tax purposes. Please make checks and money orders payable to The Warrior Initiative. Please mail your donation to the address below:

The Warrior Initiative

P.O. Box 30624

Clarksville, TN  37040

Click to Give

Click to Give

Make a monetary donation online and give a Wounded or Disabled Veteran Hope.

Your donation goes feed at risk Veterans and their families. Your Donation allows a Wounded Hero to keep the utilities on. Your donation allows a Disabled Veteran to remain in his/her home. 

Your Donation makes a difference!.

Please click here to view our IRS 501(C)(3) determination letter.

​For $20 a month, you could help save a Veteran's Life. The monthly giving program allows us to do the following:. 

  • Allows us to continue our recreational therapy for wounded Veterans in an effort to decrease the suicide rate.  Programs we offer are Amputee Archery Workshops, Special Handicapped Accessible Hunts, Equine Therapy for Veterans with severe PTSD and much more.
  • Enables us to provide food to At Risk Veterans in need. Let's prevent Veteran hunger.
  • Allows us to effectively plan events and assistance months in advance. Gives a foundation of support necessary to accomplish our mission.

Any information supplied to The Warrior Initiative by donors will be used solely to fulfill their donation and shall not be shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the donor to share such information.  The Warrior Initiative does not disclose Donor Information to other organizations. We assure you that the identity of all our donors will be kept confidential.  All Donors are considered anonymous unless otherwise requested by said Donor.  The Warrior Initiative does not sell or share donor lists.  The Warrior Initiative does not participate in telephone fundraising activities. We sincerely Thank You!!

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